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Whether you have an old home that needs some refreshing, or a brand new home that needs a wall treatment to help it look modern and updated, you need the best home painting services available. There are so many professional painting companies in Bangalore offering various services, so choosing one from them could be a daunting task. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best company for painting your house.


“We work with the clients closely to get an idea about their requirements. We take into consideration such factors as the area in which the painting job will be done, type of paint required and its maintenance. Moreover, we also make them aware of the eco-friendly aspect of using paints.” “We also give tips on selecting the right color for their home painting services. We provide tips on which type of brushes and roller set would be best suited.”

“We treat our clients’ homes as our very own and hence, aim at providing the best in customer service. In this regard, we take the pain out of choosing paint colors by collecting suggestions from the clients, sifting through many photographs and then arriving at a final pick. Our experienced painters combine their expertise with creativity to match the clients’ expectations and personalize a range of wall paints such as brickwork, sidings, patios, exteriors, and so on. We even customize colors and paint colors according to our clients’ specifications.”


“We work closely with our client’s engineers, architects and interior designers to ensure that they get the best in home painting service. These professionals conduct a survey of the interiors and exterior before hiring any painter. They check whether the color scheme suits the area and is compatible with the existing wall paints. Then, they either choose the exact color they like or match it with a neighboring company’s shade. Exterior wall paints can be made from a huge range of materials, including latex rubber, acrylic, vinyl, aluminum, or concrete ones.”

Paint Preparation

We use the highest quality materials and follow all the right exterior home painting tips, you could actually add many years to your home paint project’s life.

Professional Painting

Hiring a professional painting service will save you time, money, and ultimately make the job you have done look better than it did the first time around.

Wood Flooring

Installing new wood flooring in your house can truly be an exciting renovation to undertake. The entire appearance and ambiance of every room will change dramatically.

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Another example of a home painting service company that provides clients with the perfect paint job is House Painting India. According to them, "We create wall murals that are inspired by Indian mythological scenes. Wall stencils are used to apply the paint onto the walls. There are various types of texture painters from whom one may choose. Paints that use different methods of painting in addition to the traditional techniques. The best paint in Bangalore is the one that not only looks great but also lasts longer. When looking for reputed painting services in Bangalore, it is important to compare the prices and the quality of the products. Many reputed painters also provide quality customer service.

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An example of exterior painting services in Bangalore include Metal Painting India. Metal Painters of India provides their clients with a wide range of services, such as metal reclamation, metal painting, metal sculpture and metal casting. Metal painters use modern techniques such as spray coating, electroplating, iron sandblasting and cold forging. All these processes are used to create durable, long-lasting metals that are both attractive and corrosion free.

Paint Removal

Although the term paint removal is often used interchangeably with paint restoration, they are two very different processes that must be treated differently by many homeowners.