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Good work team Prism Lead India The way of their approaching is good . And they covered full my furniture and after that only they have started work.... And completed the site one day before the estimation date..... The colour consultancy is also very helpful for me to choose the good colours .. Keep going ahead Team Prism Lead India.
Prashant Rajput
Civil Service
Beyond my expectations. Good Job Thanks to Prism Lead India . Very cooperative. Very professional. Congratulations Prism Lead India. Got a long way to go.
Caption Ravi
Retired Army man
Prism Lead India and team were fast, spotless and did a perfect job painting. I had places that needed patching and then matching the paint, walls that were changing into a new dark color and a kitchen island with lots of drawers and cabinets that required paint in every crevice. Highly recommend!
Naveen Pathnayak
Prism Lead India were awesome at getting our whole property painted. Every neighbor has commented how great the house looks!
Manjunath BM
IT Professional

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Home Painting Services in Bangalore

Home Painting Services in Bangalore is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of hard work. If you are planning to get the house painted by any of the house painters in Bangalore then you should be prepared for a long-term relationship and a lot of sacrifices. Painters are professionals who have specialized knowledge about interior as well as exterior decoration. It is quite wrong to say that house painters in Bangalore are the same as house painters in other cities of India.

There are several differences between the house painters in Bangalore and the house painters in other cities of India. First of all the cost of painting services in Bangalore depends on the size of the project. The cost of painting services is also different depending on the complexity of the project. Room painting, exterior house painting, and carpet painting are the different types of painting services available in Bangalore. It is the decision of your interior designers and homeowners to decide which among these painting services will best serve their purpose.


The biggest advantage of hiring house professional painters near you in Bangalore is that they give an opportunity to decorate the house according to your own tastes and fashions. They use the latest tools and equipment which are available with them. You can consult with the house painters about what materials will be suitable for the room. Certain decorative accessories may not be suitable for rooms like guestroom and living rooms. These painters know their job very well and can execute their skills to perfection.


Painting the exteriors of the house goes a bit beyond the regular paint job. They use special tools and equipment to paint the exteriors of the house in a very elaborate manner. The floors of the room need to be chalked and repainted using different colors and shades. The walls also require painting with different colors. The carpets of the room also need to be cleaned and maintained to get a shining exterior.


Exterior home painting services in Bangalore are available at reasonable prices when you contact the house professional painters. However, before hiring them, make sure that you have discussed with your interior designer what kind of painting work you want to be done on your exterior. There may be some changes required in the design and style of the house. If you both agree on the changes, then you can contact the house painters and hire them for the job.


If you live in an old home, you may want to renovate the whole house. There are some home painting services in Bangalore that offer renovation services at affordable rates. You can contact such companies to make improvements to your home. Some of these companies also have a facility whereby you can save the design of the house and ask them to come up with a new one. This way you will not lose the design of the house and can use it whenever you want.


Allover Bangalore houses need painting services on a regular basis. The problem usually occurs when there is no sufficient time to undertake the work. Some people find it easier to go for painting in the evening itself rather than calling the house professional painters in. This is possible as most of the reputed painting companies in Bangalore offer same-day services. 


If you want the job done on the specified day, you can call up the house painters and arrange for the services.

All over Bangalore, there are many companies that offer painting services at cheaper rates. You should make a list of all the companies and their rates before you start searching for a house painter. Most of these house painters are available online and so it makes sense to search online to find the best one. When you are on the search, make sure that you take some time to check the reviews of these painters and their services.


Expert Painters


House painting can be a daunting task. There are so many details that have to be taken care of. A house painting service is the best option for those who wish to have their houses painted with professional results. House painting services entail the following:


  • Interior house painting: interior house painting includes the repainting of the interiors of the rooms like the drawing-room, guest room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, wardrobes, stairs, and many more. Exteriors house painting includes the repainting of the exteriors of the houses such as the sidings, exteriors walls, facade, fences, exterior walls and others.
  • Room treatments: Room treatments also form a vital part of house painting. The paint colors must match with the other furnishings and accessories in the rooms. You can get good paint colors by taking the advice of your Expert painters or looking through magazines that specialize in home decorating. The right combination of colors makes a lot of difference. The ideal paint color should be one that matches with the flooring, wall colors, the theme of the decoration, and the furniture. It should also be easy to clean.
  • Exterior house painting: Your exterior house painting is an important part too. A fresh coat of paint will help repaint your house and make it look fresh and new. It will also help in safeguarding your investment. Your exterior walls and trim to get a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint also gives your house a fresh look.
  • Exterior trim: It is very important to paint the trim around your exterior walls. This helps in protecting your house from weather conditions and at the same time gives you a chance to decorate your house and keep it looking beautiful. Painting the trim gives it a brand new look. A lot of people ignore this factor while doing up their interior painting.
  • Drywall: If you have a house or room that has drywall, then it’s advisable to hire a professional Expert painter and ask him to paint your drywall. This is because drywall requires a different kind of paint. If you have no idea as to which type of paint would work for your house, you can take the advice of your painter or discuss it with your drywall company. A professional painter would know which kind of paint would suit your house well.
  • Painting the trim: The trim around your house is very important. It is almost impossible for you to find the perfect color for your trim yourself. You can ask your trim Expert painters to paint it in a particular color according to your choice. This is much easier than painting the entire house.

Using the best quality of the material. A good painting job is incomplete without using the best quality of the material. You can choose from an array of different materials like vinyl, canvas, and wood. The choice of the material depends on your budget and preference. Some people go for aluminum trim while others opt for copper or bronze.


A house painting job can be done professionally or at home. But it is always better to do it yourself if you are not aware of the techniques and ways of painting. So, go ahead and paint your house yourself to add your personal touch to your interior. A fresh coat of paint will add a whole new look to your house and make it look beautiful.


When you hire a professional painting company, make sure that you check their work history and portfolio. Ask the painter for references and then call them up to see if they do a good job. Find out how long the Expert painters have been in business, as well as whether they are insured, bonded, and licensed. You may also want to check if the company uses only eco-friendly paints and if their products are chemical-free.


If you are planning to decorate your house yourself, then the professional house Expert painters will be charging more. But if you want to save some money, then you can use a variety of cheap paints. You can even paint your house with cardboard and paper. This will save you a lot of money as well as will make the project less complicated.


You can also decorate your house by yourself. Do not forget that hiring interior Expert painters is very costly, so you must use it sparingly. The goal is to have a great interior that looks clean, fresh and new always. It is best to choose neutral colors such as beige, brown, gray or black.


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